Embroidery is a wonderful way to personalise your garments. It has a timeless quality, and should last longer than the garment itself so perfect for workwear, schoolwear, Teamwear or those one off special occasions alike!


If we can get a needle through it, we can probably embroider it! Please note that some delicate or thin fabrics can accidentally have a hole made in them by the needle whilst being embroidered, so if you supply the garments, choose good quality ones.


We have a wide range of designs to choose from or if you have text, image or logo it can be converted into embroidery. To do this is will need to be digitized to convert it into a stitch pattern. There is a one off charge to digitise artwork and once it has been created it will stay on our system permanently so you can keep coming back for more!


Embroidered logos are priced based upon the number of stitches in the design, so in general the bigger the area or more complex your creation is the more expensive it will be.


Applique is a form of embroidery that attaches a piece of fabric to the garment to replace a large area of colour that would normally need stitching. This can be used to create badges or to introduce a different fabric such as denim or pattern like gingham to create a unique design.



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